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Sunrider for sale in the UK

Beautiful better than new sunrider MK 1.

3.5k on the clock and only 1k since the upgrades (motor system, lights, rear rock shock and loopwheels).

This is really a unique velo and maybe the best sunrider out there. It has a new top made of carbon fibre. This was made including new molds by a company that makes F3 parts. So it's of the highest of quality and now fits perfect. It would cost 6k to make this now alone.

Then we have the Falco e motor system. This was custom made for this velo. It's very high end and the most efficient and high tech motor system for bikes out there. Two batteries, 48v 20ah and 15ah respectfully. It has REGEN and can be programmed for power assist, pedal assist or both. Even the speed sensor can be programmed for legality and even the torque curve can be programmed for each gear. It's the best out there and cost 4k.

Then we have the loop wheels. Some real science went into these amazing suspension system with 70mm SA brakes built in, Maybe the smoothest velo in the world?

And I must mention the rock shocks on the rear. 1k worth of shock. It's like the Rolls Royce of velos. So smooth over the bumps and the most comfortable velo I have ever tried.

There are many more things to tell but for now you can watch the youtube video John WIlliams made called most pimped sunrider ever. Also I am on facebook so we can chat if you find that easier.

On top of the cost of the sunrider, it has had around 12k worth of upgrades and it's super sweet. It's really priceless but I now have an Orca and it fits through my rear door where my sunrider has to go the long way around my house. That's the only reason for the sale.

Come and have a look and see what a dream machine this is. Looking for the best offer I can get.

Take care all and thanks to the admins for adding me

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