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DLC- and BeND Races in Cologne

Créé le 12 mars 2018 21:37 par jostein , mis à jour sur 30 juin 2018 21:23 par jostein

Wedstrijd, Cologne, Albert-Richter-Radstadion, samedi 18 août 2018.

Races for recumbents and velomobiles on Saturday 18.08.2018 parts od DLC and BeND series

Camping inside the track from Friday evening to Sunday morning possible.

For Friday (17.08.) evening the paricipation with a recumbent and VM-race in the "Schmitter Nacht" is planned. Schmitter Nacht is a race event Friday evening at a 800 m village course in Gleuel-Stotzheim, 6 km from the Wijlerbaan Radstadion in Cologne.
Here we will have a 25 Minutes + 3 rounds race for recumbents and velomobiles with start at 20:00 h just before a 64 km race of the professionals and elite racers.

At Saturday (18.08.) at the wieler baan Cologne from 10:00h 1 km sprints and from noon separate 1-h-races for recuments and velomobiles on the track.

Free camping is possible inside the wheeler track in Cologne,
including Bar & Barbecue

You are welcome!

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