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Eustaff toch wat later gefinished

Publié le 24 septembre 2002 00:00 (25 vues) 0Commentaires

De eustaff heeft toch de totale rijtijd van 80 uur overschreden.

Door bijzonder slechte omstandigheden in Frankrijk en Zwitserland (regen) is de Eustaff niet rond 16.00 uur maar om 19.00 uur gefinished. Dit terwijl eerder mensen zeer hard reden, inkomend bericht was:
i come back from Avignon and i have 2 news.
first one : good the last change was made near Avignon at 15:30 !!!
second one : bad for the dutchies, we made 120 km with 46.24km/h for average, and if i start from St Marcellin to Avignon 180 km and an average of 44.26 km/h. My friends were very motivated, and if we know this "succes" it's thanks to them. it was a real
pleasure to contribute to this eustaff."
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